Home Allergen Safe Cleaning Services.

Welcome to Sunshine Carpet and Air-Duct Cleaning.
From our headquarters in Minneapolis, we serve the Twin Cities area, offering service that’s widely known by locals who have had the pleasure of experiencing it as top notch.

carpet cleaning minneapolisSunshine Carpet and Cleaning offers the highest quality service possible for both your carpets and air ducts.

Of course, we offer many basic services like soap-and-water cleansing of your carpet, targeted stain removal, and disinfectant. Our services can be purchased either as packages or individually depending on what kind of job you need to be completed. All of our products are chemically sound, meaning they are eco-friendly and as non-toxic as possible without diminishing their effectiveness.

Your carpets will be cleaned with truck-mounted systems.
Many companies, on account of budget restrictions or a desire to make as much of a profit as possible & pass off rent-a-carpet cleaning machines as professional cleaners.

However, it is in Sunshine Carpet’s best interest to serve you with the most potent and effective service as possible.

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of our services.

Our staff is all trained to handle all pieces of equipment in our inventory and required to understand their functionality before being sent on assignments. We want you to be able to consult our workers with any questions you have on the process, and we want them to be able to solve any problems they may encounter in your home.

Carpet and Rug types we clean are:
*Cotton carpets *Fine fabrics *Oriental carpets *Residential carpet
*Commercial carpets *Stain-Resistance carpets

Types of Industries we clean at are:
*Hotels/Motels *Businesses  *Homes/Apartments/Condos
*Churches/Funeral Homes  *Bowling Alleys
*Retirement homes  *Hospitals  *Restaurant  *Schools/Colleges

We clean all types & places. You name it we do it!

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