Carpet Cleaning

How can having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis maintain your carpet lifespan?

When you keep your carpet clean on a regular basis it keeps the carpet cleaner by having a schedule which helps it stay clean on a consistent basis.

That’s why you can have us professional carpet cleaners service¬†your home about once a year. (for light traffic)

Sometime Only having the floors cleaned once a year may not be enough for your type of business.

We offer routine maintenance plan.

Please contact us or talk to your sunshine carpet cleaning rep.

FamilyWhat We Do To Clean Your Carpet

When we arrive at your place of business or private home or anywhere.

We have a checklist of services requested and we’ll make sure that you agree with the services being provided before any work is done.

This helps both of us so we both know what to expect.

We’ll then move any furniture to provide a thorough, deep cleaning.

Some furniture we may not be able to move, such as entertainment centers or beds, we will let you know to what our policy is and limits.

We will then start our carpet cleaning process by pre-vacuuming the entire floor so we start with a fresh clean surface that is ready to be steam cleaned from our truck mounted equipment.

When we’re done cleaning we’ll move the furniture back, so you don’t have to.

Using a unique carpet rake; we use this to help the carpet fibers stand up,
to help the  carpet to dry faster and will help make your carpet look like new.

If you have any questions feel free to call during normal business hours.

Send an email from the contact us page

Thank you for your time.